Working papers

WP/2017/02 – South African bank lending practices survey

Coefs has developed a bank lending practices survey (BLPS) which was completed by senior credit decision makers in banks. The survey was designed to provide an indication of the banks’ reactions and intentions in the provision of credit. The survey follows the approach of similar international quarterly surveys  done in Canada, America, Europe and Britain, but has been adapted to apply to the South African market. The BLPS identifies various forms of lending and gauges the impact on credit policy and new lending, based on current and future economic conditions, legislative and regulatory changes.

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WP/2017/01 – In pursuit of efficient financial markets for the SADC region

Through discussions with practitioners from South African banks, a number of challenges were identified linked to the growth of vibrant financial markets within individuals countries in the African continent, which in turn frustrate the development of a vibrant financial market across the region. One of the key challenges we identified was the lack of common legal documentation to underpin standard economic transactions.